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At 234NAIJA, we turn your dreams into tangible, valuable reality by helping you take the necessary steps.

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Arts & Culture

A celebration of the rich culture and tradition of various tribes in Nigeria.


International Exchange

Showcasing Nigeria's culture to the world and vice-versa.

TV/ Radio

Exciting and entertaining talk and game shows on TV and Radio


Movies/ Series

Properly scripted and directed movies in English, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

Featured Projects

234 NAIJA is project-based and we have randomly selected some projects to be highlighted here. Many more projects can be seen on other pages of this website.

Comedy Series (TV)

A situational comedy series on unemployment and the different characters we meet in everyday life.


After The Tone (Radio Show)

This is a fast-paced live call-in show, where each caller has less than 45 seconds to share and respond to issues.

Depressing Depression (Outdoor Fitness)

Fun, music, socialization and health awareness all embedded in outdoor fitness exercise.

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