TV Shows

234NAIJA produces interesting programs; fashion, sports, entertainment and game shows.

Radio Shows

We produce syndicated programs on various radio stations. 234NAIJA Radio airs for an hour everyday.

Live TV

From  December 2019, 234NAIJA TV would air on cable and terrestrial channels.

Live Streaming

The WMF MiniFootball world cup coming up in Perth, Australia, can be streamed live on 234 NAIJA.



 234 NAIJA is an independent production house on TV and radio. We produce intriguing and entertaining programs that the audience continually look forward to.

Radio is still a great technology used to reach a wide audience, whether in your local area or across the country.

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234 NAIJA provides arts, culture, tourism and language-related services, both locally and internationally. Kindly get in touch with us to get a free quote.

Phone number

+234 705 555 5385

+234 803 308 5452

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