Arts & Culture

Arts, Culture & Tourism

From drawings to paintings, festivals and masquerades, to places with known history, we celebrate talents and their works of art.

International Arts Festivals

234 NAIJA participates in foreign festivals, to showcase Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage all over the world.

Language Export

We promote Nigeria’s local languages and encourage Nigerians at home and in the diaspora to embrace their mother tongue.


We research and make documentaries on all forms of Arts, Culture and Tourism partaining to the people of places in Nigeria.

Arts, Culture & Tourism

In nigeria, culture is reflected in all aspect of our life – in art, dance, folklore, language, literature, mores, music,  as well as the environment. The art and culture of nigeria represents the intensity of nigerian lifestyle coupled together with a glorious history of the past to bank upon.

Pottery and painting, textiles, grass weaving, wood carving, ivory carving, glass and metal works, clothe weaving, leather work and calabash carvings are artworks Nigeria is famed for.

At International Arts Festivals, we offer a showcase of the best of Nigerian contemporary culture; traditional wears, solo and synchronized dance moves, drum beat, chants and many more forms of art. With our desire for continuous improvement, we have a commitment to constantly creating new work.

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234 NAIJA provides arts, culture, tourism and language-related services, both locally and internationally. Kindly get in touch with us to get a free quote.

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